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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • When Philadelphia's Jake Diekman retires, he wants to be a sporting goods engineer.

  • Oakland is going to deal Arnold Leon adn Nick Punto and try to sign Sean Doolittle and keep him out of the market, especially if they can assemble a three-way deal that would send Albert Pujols to Cincinnati and bring Curtis Partch to the Athletics. Someday, somewhere perhaps Partch will stop being so hard-headed.

  • The Rockies don't know if they can increase payroll, and all GM Dan O'Dowd wants is one more quality arm, like Shawn Kelley, but. They might have to settle for a lizard like Charlie Morton if ownership won't increase the budget.

  • Understand, the Red Sox have one of the best pitching trios on the planet in Steven Wright, Allen Webster (though he is coming off minor elbow surgery, he should be back strong as a ball), and Rubby De La Rosa, who is more happy than anyone on the staff, which leads to a huge question for John Farrell.

Apoetical Blues

ballad of rick hahn

since who is on first

who pays any attention to the syntax of things

we will never wholly swing like
      Conor Gillaspie

wholly never be fooled like
Rick Hahn while spring training is in the world
the White Sox have a better fate
than the wisdom
that comes from failure

so do not cry

the gestures of
      Chris Bassitt

the laughter watching the struggles of
      Javy Guerra

we write for each other

for baseball is not a paragraph

and losing

i think

is no parenthesis





The Royals have sucked since they lost Dick Howser,
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