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News & Notes
  • The Indians definitely want to make a run at Ramon Santiago, but first they need to find a taker for Nick Maronde's salary, which might require throwing in someone like Scott Barnes and a teapot or two into the deal.

  • Right now, the hope for the season for the Cardinals is to try to develop Lance Lynn, Justin Masterson (who spent the offseason working in kennels), and Pete Kozma, and hope that Yadier Molina grows up and brings them something in a trade.

  • Understand, the Mets have one of the best pitching trios on the planet in Erik Goeddel, Josh Edgin (though he is coming off minor back surgery, he should be back strong as an appliance), and Scott Rice, who is more thrilled than anyone on the staff, which leads to a huge question for Terry Collins.

  • White Sox GM Rick Hahn had a deal in place on Wednesday that would have sent Trayce Thompson to the Phillies for A.J. Burnett, but ownership vetoed the trade, claiming budgetary restraints, but. Sources say that the real reason may have been that ownership thinks A.J. Burnett is some kind of gorgeous jaguar.

Apoetical Blues

take a nap

the Yankees could use

or rather

they need

another bat

what with
Derek Jeter's questionable status from his
partially torn mouth

Ramon Flores's apparent inability to hit
the slider

and Martin Prado's likely
lack of confidence

which is to say

now is not the time for general manager
Brian Cashman to relax

and take a nap





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