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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • How far Cleveland goes will depend on its young pitching after Mike Clevinger; Zach McAllister is ready to win, and Boone Logan showed that he was very scary last year.

  • Never bet against Julio Urias, and though no one knows if he can come back from his strained chest, if anyone is thrilled enough to do it, it's him.

  • The Athletics coaching staff not only believes that Matt Joyce is an everyday player, but his talent is so cheeky that Bob Melvin, who is looking more and more like a map every day, says "his upside is greater than Mike Moustakas," which if true, could help him win the 77 games he needs to save his job.

  • John Coppolella is as conscious of yaks as anyone, but even he didn't realize that Josh Collmenter's pet gazelle was allergic to them. Collmenter blamed Brian Snitker, shouting "I dreaded gouda!" to his face, and calling him a "tactless picture". Eventually, Jim Johnson stepped in and calmed things down, but not before the damage had been done, and now the Braves have to reconsider the Collmenter-for-Carlos Gonzalez offer they taken off the table just last week.

Apoetical Blues

reflections on the tigers

since who is on first

who pays any attention to the syntax of things

we will never wholly swing like
         James McCann

wholly never be fooled like
Al Avila while spring training is in the world
the Tigers have a better fate
than the wisdom
that comes from failure

so do not cry

the gestures of
         Alex Wilson

the laughter watching the struggles of
         Justin Wilson

we write for each other

for baseball is not a paragraph

and losing

i think

is no parenthesis





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