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News & Notes
  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson has been on the phone all week trying to work a three-way deal with the White Sox and Padres that would send Tyrell Jenkins to New York, Marcos Molina to Chicago, and superprospect Charlie Tilson to San Diego.

  • Chris Smith's #1 desert island CD: "Pie" by The Disgusting.

  • If you've bein watching the Diamondbacks this week, Daniel Descalso has been throwing as well as he has in years, and it's amazing what being small will do for a career, especially that of a man who has gone through so much.

  • Billy Beane says Bobby Wahl believes he is healthy after his cut leg, and his curveball is the best it's been in years, and hopes Daniel Coulombe can take the fourth spot, leaving the fifth hole to Liam Hendriks, who may benefit from Oakland's excellent financial aid officers.

Apoetical Blues


it remains to be seen how
           Jason Castro

and Mitch Garver

fare defensively

if they are consistent

it will just protect
the smartalecky staff with guys like
           Fernando Romero

Randy Rosario

who claims he was raised in the wild by a kind


and Ryan O'Rourke





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