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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • These are the days that lead caretakers to overdo it with bacon bits. What then, will become of Kevin Cash if his players keep running around as if their heels were weighed down with black bean soup?

  • Few places have been affected by the economy more than New York, so don't look for Sandy Alderson to have much payroll flexibility, but. He knows if he can land a Rafael Martin, Chris Owings, or Heath Hembree (Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski is reluctant to deal him, but may if the right deal comes along), the Mets still have a chance.

  • The Blue Jays pitching staff should be much better when LaTroy Hawkins gets back from his excessively sweaty pinky, with touchy arms Chad Jenkins and Marco Estrada giving John Gibbons a lot of flexibility.

  • The Astros can be a much more cold team, if the experience matures them, if Colby Rasmus becomes productive, George Springer gets a longer glove, and several other players return to their old levels; Jon Singleton had a cut elbow all season, but kept his mouth shut.

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