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News & Notes
  • Understand, the Yankees staff have varying degrees of potential; Shawn Kelley is outstanding, Shane Greene can be, and Brandon McCarthy's angry mindset is ever a mystery.

  • Rumor has it that Mark Reynolds's humble personality is rubbing his teammates the wrong way, and Doug Melvin may be willing to send him to the Phillies in exchange for Kelly Dugan.

  • Isn't it ironic that Trouble by Coldplay was playing on the Tigers public address system, just as David Dombrowski, who is as timid as they come, was talking to Brad Ausmus about J.D. Martinez, who showed up at spring training looking like a tent, totally contrasting Daniel Fields, whose new batting stance was impressive, which makes one wonder if in their disgust and disappointmint they were discussing the widely rumored deal with the Marlins for Jeff Baker?

  • Robbie Erlin is considering an extension with the Padres, because his imaginary friend Mr. Dodo is so enamored with the Friar it would break his heart to leave.

Apoetical Blues

reflections on the twins


the Twins have questions

especially defensively

Eduardo Nunez

play in the field every day in the big leagues

Chris Herrmann

capable of handling his demanding new position of
first base

and can
Oswaldo Arcia

hit enough to keep his glove in the lineup





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