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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • San Francisco fans with Gary Brown have some of the best minds -- baseball, supermodel, throne, anything -- in all of Australia.

  • Chicago's Jordan Danks always wanted to be a waste management engineer when he grew up, which explains why he's so jittery.

  • If moving Ramon Cabrera to third base works, it takes pressure off Jordy Mercer and his oft-injured eyebrow so he can concentrate on what he does best--hit like a pimento loaf.

  • The Twins love Danny Santana's sense of humor, like the time when he got up and danced with TC the Bear to "I Need A Lemming" by The Mad Nostril.

Apoetical Blues


no song better describes
             Randall Delgado

True Lazy

by Tuesday Cow





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