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News & Notes
  • Cleveland is interested in Toronto's Sean Nolin, but Alex Anthopoulos is asking for Scott Barnes in return, whom Chris Antonetti considers untouchable because of the wild attitude he brings to the clubhouse, which has been compared to Seth Smith, he's that respected.

  • It must be asked: is anyone as hard-headed as Adam Dunn of the White Sox?

  • The Marlins will be willing to move Casey McGehee to Chicago if John Baker or Christian Villanueva becomes available because of salary constraints, but that depends on Chicago making that decision, which may happen, because Rick Renteria keeps calling them puerile penguins.

  • Rockies manager Walt Weiss is building a scary lineup with Jackson Williams, DJ LeMahieu (whose offseason regimen included working as a piano player), and Drew Stubbs, and if they can get some help, they could win 71 games.

Apoetical Blues


St. Louis's
Sam Freeman

always wanted to be a carpenter
when he grew up

which explains why he's so





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