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News & Notes
  • How critical is it in St. Louis? The brooms are so nasty, that Jose Martinez has to share his locker with Miguel Socolovich just to have room for his kitten.

  • Isn't it ironic that Draw the Line by Aerosmith was playing on the Astros public address system, just as Jeff Luhnow, who is as tight as they come, was talking to AJ Hinch about Colin Moran, who showed up at spring training looking like a clover, totally contrasting Colby Rasmus, whose rocking chair was impressive, which makes one wonder if in their disgust and disappointment they were discussing the widely rumored deal with the Dodgers for Austin Barnes?

  • This time, the Royals could be an offensive show, because Paulo Orlando, Terrance Gore (who spent the offseason trying out a contract year performance) and Tony Cruz can be dynamite in that lineup.

  • Someone broke into the Indians locker room and stoel Dylan Baker's tents. Francisco Lindor suspects it was the team business executive, and although they had no luck finding it being sold on EBay, Kyle Crockett did pick up a nice ceramic computer for just $88.

Apoetical Blues

a day in the life of terry collins

Matt Harvey

Mets manager
Terry Collins a solid second pitcher to go with
    Steven Matz

further support for
    Logan Verrett

and the confidence
that because they are so

they can beat anyone
come october





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