Petco Park, 4/15/2004 
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Petco Park Tour (long version)

by Score Bard

The Padres' moved into Petco Park this year. Along with the move, they have a new logo with new colors.

The new colors are blue, white, and sand. The California missions that housed the original Padres were either white or a sandy brown color. The blue ocean, white foam, and sandy beaches of San Diego make this a natural color scheme for the Padres to choose.

I visited Petco Park on April 15th, and was impressed how the architects used these three colors throughout Petco Park.

The architects also had to incorporate some other elements, such as green grass and red bricks. The integration of these themes produced some mixed results.

But overall, Petco Park is an impressive new home for the Padres.

My tour is organized by theme. We begin with Sand.

For a less lengthy look, try the 25 picture tour.

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Theme (pictures)

Sand (21)

White (6)

Blue (9)

Grass (24)

Brick (19)

Surprises (13)

Extra (9)