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Score Bard: About Me
Quiz: Which of the following descriptions of me is most accurate?
(a) Score Bard is an enigma
(b) Score Bard is a freakin' genius
(c) Score Bard is the biggest idiot ever
Answer: Our judge today is someone who knows me quite well: my youngest daughter.

In the three years since she was born, not once has my daughter referred to me as "an enigma" or "a genius". During a recent temper tantrum, however, she said to me, "You're the stupidest, meanest person ever!" So the correct answer is (c).

Despite my mental flaws, I somehow managed to earn two bachelor's degrees, in English and Computer Science. I think I studied both because I've always been attracted to the intersection of art and science. Like so many others of my generation, I went into the computer industry as a way to do creative work and make a good living at the same time. I ended up specializing in Unix systems.

I am a huge baseball fan. The name "Score Bard" is a pseudonym I made up while writing a poem about a baseball game.

Some people have said they enjoy the mystery behind the Score Bard identity. But others say it's bad form to use a pen name. So, I'll compromise. If you want to know my real name, you can email me at scorebard @ humbug.com, and I'll tell you.

Or, check out my 100 things about me page. I've left lots of clues there. Maybe even an answer, if you look hard enough.
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About the Site
I run this site on a Red Hat 9 Linux server.

I use Movable Type to manage my blog.

I use vi as my text editor.

I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the graphics.

The parodies are written in Perl.

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"There, now, I've made confession, and I feel better; I am a humbug, and I've been one all my life, without knowing it. Let no man call me honest again--I will not have it."

--Mark Twain
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg