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Random Diamond Notes
Fake baseball rumors.

Mock Swedish Translator
There when you need it.

Fanimutation: Fur Hat

Here's my first attempt at a baseball fanimutation. It's actually a "translation" of a Swedish fanimutationish flash video called "Ansiktsburk", which in turn is a "translation" into Swedish of a Lebanese pop song from the early 1980's.

Requires Flash 6.0 or greater. View it here.

Posted by scorebard at 06:13 PM
Diamond Notes Upgrade

We're now at version 4.0. The upgrade is to conform with the new look and feel of I also added ten new sentences.

This version has 218 different sentence structures from which it can randomly generate diamond notes. At some point, I'll get around to adding some more, but it's not near the top of my priority list right now.

Posted by scorebard at 12:12 AM
Mock Swedish Translator added

This is some old code that I've had for about ten years. I plopped the new look & feel on it, and now you can use it for all your Mock Swedish translation needs.

Posted by scorebard at 11:34 PM
Parody blog

Here's where I'll enter changes to parodies on this site.

Posted by scorebard at 11:37 AM