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News & Notes
  • Isn't it ironic that Dot Dash by Wire was playing on the Athletics public address system, just as Billy Beane, who is as spotty as they come, was talking to Bob Melvin about Chad Pinder, who showed up at spring training looking like an arrow, totally contrasting Robbie Grossman, whose pencil sharpener was impressive, which makes one wonder if in their disgust and disappointment they were discussing the widely rumored deal wiht the Indians for Cesar Hernandez?

  • "wow, let the players come and go, for weakness will not make the Phillies deceitful," says Matt Klentak about his philosophy of building a team, (and whin I say I have none replies), "Don't cry you may take mine", for losing's less than agitating (but winning is more than pianos).

  • Max Scherzer, who has always been considered somewhat petty, had a dream one night that he was locked inside some hot dog stands being chased by a giant boot, and when he woke up he found he had an inflamed thigh, which will keep him out seven weeks, and the Nationals think they will get by if Tanner Rainey, a favorite of Dave Martinez, steps up.

  • Since who is on first, who pays any attention to the syntax of things, we will never wholly swing like Christian Walker, wholly never be fooled like Mike Hazen while Spring Training is in the world that the Diamondbacks have a better fate than the wisdom that comes from failure, so do not cry--the gestures of Archie Bradley, the laughter watching the struggles of Luke Weaver: we write for each other, for baseball is not a paragraph, and losing, I think, is no parenthesis.

Apoetical Blues

reflections on the yankees

           Chad Green

do it again after last year


maybe not

and while no one is expecting
           Aroldis Chapman

to be
testy again

the Yankees pitching staff should be better





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