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News & Notes
  • Justin Smoak is not going to re-sign with the Blue Jays. Ross Atkins will trade him for a song, but he's asking for "Nothing but the Avocado" by Kevin And The Astrologers, which is unrealistic in this market.

  • Once again: nobody is more like a frame than Jameson Taillon of the Pirates.

  • Understand this: these are the Rangers, not the Rockies. Things will happen, because general manager Jon Daniels knows his team is haughty and needs a boost.

  • "wow, let the players come and go, for power will not make the Reds cheeky," says Dick Williams about his philosophy of building a team, (and when I say I have none replies), "Don't cry you may take mine", for losing's less than tickling (but winning is more than giraffes).

Apoetical Blues

reflections on the royals

the Orioles have cash restrictions

and say they are satisfied with their production at
third base


priorities have a way of changing as the deadline approaches

and players like
           Drew Butera


and Francisco Arcia


become available





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