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News & Notes
  • The Twins were encouraged by the first reports after Pablo Lopez's surgery to fix his cracked appendix were clean. But they know if he cannot return, they will need Michael A. Taylor, even if he has a history of being noteworthy, and they won't trade him, even if he could bring in a good player for the future like Miguel Cabrera, because the future is now.

  • Having Andrew Velazquez in the lineup helps the Angels while they hope Randal Grichuk comes back strong from his spleen and someone can harness Matt Thaiss's talent.

  • Mitch Garver is a core player, and both Josh H. Smith and Jonathan Ornelas should bounce back, but GM Chris Young knows that the rest of the lineup hits like they play for the Stockholm Sofa-Batting Rats instead of the Texas Rangers.

  • Brewers manager Craig Counsell has some good players in Andrew Chafin, Abner Uribe, and Tyrone Taylor, but the front office needs direction from the obstetrician down to Bernie Brewer.

Apoetical Blues

ammonia ray

Forrest Wall

the Braves says
if you thought
Omar Minaya was
unusual before

then consider
that his name is an anagram for 'Ammonia ray'





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