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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • Just when it seemed that the Padres would deal Fernando Tatis Jr. for Phil Bickford or some pitcher this happened: Ha-Seong Kim woke up one morning and discovered a diagnosis of Laxative-Carrier's Disease, and A.J. Preller had to change focus to trying to get Matt Sauer or Brent Suter.

  • The Twins believe that now that Steven Okert has thrown two practical games in a row and if Royce Lewis and others start hitting consistently, they have hope, and could go fishing for someone like Tyler Wells, but if not, Zack Weiss, Christian Vazquez (who is has come back from his diagnosis of scalding by hot mercury better than ever), and the ever-chaotic Carlos Santana, et al could be available if Derek Falvey decides it's time to cash in the chips.

  • Wes Parsons is a big fan of the song "Hunting Lodges of Royalty" by Cefius and the Tartbells, but Ross Atkins is not impressed, and thinks it sounds too derivitive of Firestarter by the Prodigy, which only goes to show that the Blue Jays GM is not exactly a young guy anymore like Genesis Cabrera.

  • We souls must broadcast, otherwise we are merely opposing players in her bedroom.

Apoetical Blues


Owen Miller

was a born failure

and nearly everybody said it was a good thing he became a hitter

because failure is expected

instead of being a highfalootin
sith lord

or starting a desk
farm (where failure really means starting a worm farm)

but nobody loses all the time





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