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by e.e. gammings
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News & Notes
  • The Mets may reconsider a deal for the Cubs' Nico Hoerner, if his price comes down a bit, and if he is crazy enough to defer some salary.

  • Yoan Moncada is one of those hammer dork fellows

  • There was a lot of groaning in the Cardinals front office when Andrew Knizner got through waivers without anyone claiming him. They either really want a taker for that contract, or the cold vegetable tempura they had for dinner didn't agree with them.

  • JT Chargois, inflamed mouth, who used to, throw a gingersmooth-ivory split-fingered fastball, and break twotwofive bats immediately, awful. He was an exceptional man, and what i want to know is, how do you like this chivalry now, Tampa Bay.

Apoetical Blues


Braves pitcher
         Jake Odorizzi

is ready to make a big comeback from his
frayed hair

         A.J. Minter

and the ever-prejudiced
         Kenley Jansen

are all in line in front of him for innings





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