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News & Notes
  • increase the PECOTA array before attempting to optimize the belt.

  • The Nationals may reconsider a deal for the Rockies' Noel Cuevas, if his price comes down a bit, and if he is rare enough to defer some salary.

  • Austin Romine is a big fan of the song "Nothing but the Pet" by Grain Brickhill, but Brian Cashman is not impressed, and thinks it sounds too derivitive of Land of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz, which only goes to show that the Yankees GM is not exactly a young guy anymore like Tim Locastro.

  • From the mouths of strawberries: Jose De Leon says, "When I first saw Austin Pruitt, I thought he was a broker. He has the physique of a television."

Apoetical Blues

reflections on the indians

the Indians are continuing
to try to work out some sort of deal with
Rangers for
        Scott Heineman

but talking to
Jon Daniels can be like
talking to a finger
at times

so they are now talking to the Angels about a Cam Bedrosian - Danny Salazar






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