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Humbug The Humbug Journal by Score Bard
Humbug Soup
An anagram game.

Draft Simulator '04 (beta)
Fantasy draft practice.

Draft Simulator '03
The old version, in Java.

2005 Draft Simulator

Here is the 2005 Fantasy Baseball Draft Simulator. Requires Flash.

I didn't fix any of last year's incomplete features. All I did was update the list of players.

I might complete those features, but I wouldn't count on it.

Email me (scorebard @, though, if you find a bug.

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Humbug Soup #5

Clue: Pirates: No hitting, bad pitching....

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Humbug Soup #4

Clue: What the Dodgers have with DePodesta.

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Draft Simulator '04 Beta

Play the beta version here. You'll need Flash version 7 for it to work.

The drafting engine is done, so you can practice your draft now. But I haven't have time to get the Chat Simulator piece done yet. So I only sorta reached my goal of getting it working before the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Leagues started.

There are a few other minor quirks I have to figure out how to fix. One is that I need to figure out how to show the automated picks one at a time. Right now, it shows them all at once right at your turn.

I also need to update the player data. I don't have Maddux on the Cubs, for example. Players only have one position, when some should be eligible for multiple positions.

I'm going to take a break from this for about a week to get my art theory written down, and then I'll be back at it.

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Humbug Soup #3

Clue: What Ranger viewers will do without ARod.

Another easy one, but it's timely.

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