Current version: 0.1 beta

About the Fantasy Draft Simulator

In playing this fantasy game
You pick 25 rounds' worth of names.
Each time you reload it
Your foes are re-coded,
So no drafts should turn out the same.

This program is only in beta,
So it's not really worth a peseta.
It will be at its best
Only after some tests
And after we've added more data.


Technical requirements:
  • A fairly recent browser, such as
    Netscape 6, Mozilla or Internet Explorer, with
  • The Java 2 plugin installed and enabled.
  • Enough bandwidth to download a 140KB program without losing patience


Java Plug-in Test

If you can see a player name in the box below, it should work.

Nope, you don't have it installed.

If not, you need to get the Java plugin installed and enabled.


To run the simulation:

Enter your team name:

How many teams in your simulation?

Which pick do you want?

What league do you want to pick from?



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