October 31, 2003

Marlin Acrostic

Picture a vessel, adrift neverending oceans:
peacefully, it embarks, rocking...rocking...emotions
tranquilly ebbing, just easily riding along,
waves intoning longing lullabyes in song.
Envisioning nature's calm aquatics, romantic nostalgia arouses completely inaccurate oceanic notions.

Undersea reality belies its nostalgic appeal.
Life offers only pain; environments reveal
rough options: defeat, ruin, injustice, grief--unsatisfied emotions. Zero
habitats offer luxury, leaving alternatives nobody desires. Sometimes, wistfully, one rare, true hero
can avoid suffering, thereby inspiring life's lamentable ordeal.

Heroes are required. Regret, illness, shame,
heartache, evil: living life is no game
featured on Xbox;
but all needles, kicks, shocks--
real experiences. Defiance merits a name:

Marlin! Overcoming real dangers, even competitors are impressed:
giant obstacles neatly zapped, a lightweight exhibiting zest,
bearing each confinement keenly; escaping, then thanking
powers eternal; nurturing; never yanking
chains; achieving breakthrough results, excellence rightfully assessed.

Basically, unless Marlin pretends
courage overcoming nasty impediments naturally extends
life, our willpower evaporates. Little lies
replace evidence, disable memory. Optimism never dies,
lest existence ends.

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August 08, 2003

Angels 2002 Acrostic

Knowing exhaustively nature's norms essentially dehumanizes you.
Destiny offers no natural explanations. Logic lobotimizes you.
A picture perfect image erases reason,
scomplete happiness overtakes everything. Noteworthy endings woo each incoming season
Like a coveted kiss energizes you.

Giants lose. An unexpected sight
emerges rapturously. Suddenly, twentyfive Angels--despite
skeptics, having interpreted each little detailed statistic,
expressing concern, knowing such triumphant expectation is novelistic--
seize a lovely, magical October night;

move out lightly into nighttime air;
float upward; lifting like majestic eagles, rare,
wonderfully elegant birds, eschewing rest,
wings outspread over their escaped nest.
Gravity's imposing lair,

succumbing passively, its evil zapped, its ordeal
overcome, remarkably terminates its zeal.
Whirling Angels swirl higher, buoyantly upwards, rising near
our celestial heaven. Observers appear
flabbergasted. Impossible, graceful gliding is nebulously surreal.

Reality or dream? Reality is grounded, unlike eagles. Zoom,
phantom eagles! Realists can't imagine victorious Angels loom
above. No dreamers ever require substantiated observations. None.
Proof angels literally, materially exist? It requires one
miracle, one lilac in nature abloom.

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July 22, 2003

Yankees Acrostic Poem

George is always mad because I
Play each time through imperfectly; the team expects
Perfection, or something approaching dominance, always
Resulting in victory, earned run averages
Consistently low, each member exceeding normal standards.
We eschew lovable loser status;
Winning is life; life is about meriting success;
Success often results in a nearly obsessive
Mania unleashed so success is never absent.
Juggernauts eat their enemies ravenously.

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Royals Acrostic Poem

Rany and Neyer didn't actually
Believe Royals' optimism warranted notice,
But even reluctant reporters' opinions alter
If brought astonishing new evidence zapping
Their understandable concerns. Knowledge ends reluctance.
Belief emerges laboriously. Time reveals a narrative.
Stories will emerge, evidence notwithstanding, every year.
Hope also reappears, vindicating every yea-sayer.
Many a central division opponent underestimated greatly Allard's labor.
May Allard yell
"Luck is my ally!
Rob eats lard!" and flip off Royal doubters.

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Diamondbacks Acrostic Poem

Veteran injuries leave languishing Arizona realistically expecting a lemon.
Old relics offer paltry excuses, sagging attendance.
With each broken bone,
Veterans are lost. Veteran efficency ratchets down eventually.
Old veterans end reigns. But all year
Kids offer play lofting over veteran experience.
Kids are the answer!

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