July 12, 2003

Fortune Cookie Kind

The Generator of the Random Diamond Note
has current 40-man rosters in my latest upgrade.
To celebrate, I now present a song I wrote
from a randomly generated title that it made.

The Angels love Kevin Appier's sense of humor, like the time when he got up and danced wiht the Rally Monkey to "Fortune Cookie Kind" by Seven Windmills.

Download the song:

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April 13, 2003

The Petroskey Polka

We fight Iraq so they won't get
A nuclear reactor.
In Cooperstown, a bigger threat
Is Nuke LaLoosh, the actor.

Someone tell the Hall of Fame
That if you take a stance
Don't find Americans to blame;
That's why we have France.

Or, do a dance:

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March 02, 2003

The Cellphone Song

Here's a stupid song
About a stupid thing
It may have much that's wrong
But at least I do not sing.

Download the song:

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February 13, 2003

The Ballad of Rob Neyer

I had a short exchange
With ESPN's Rob Neyer
Which led me to arrange
A song that it inspired.

Download the song:

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